here and now

Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean,
is the moment the wave realizes
it is water.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Jul 30


The sacred dimension is not something that you can know through words and ideas any more than you can learn what an apple pie tastes like by eating the recipe.

The modern age has forgotten that facts and information, for all their usefulness, are not the same as truth or wisdom, and certainly not the same as direct experience. We have lost touch with the intuitive wisdom born of silence and stillness.

To hold a question inwardly in silent and patient waiting is an art rarely mastered these days. Inquiry is a bridge between the ego and the soul, and beyond to the Infinite. (I am using the term soul here to mean the essence, presence, or beingness that you are.)


“We are all one - there is no separation between us, only we do not realize it. The same is true with rocks, with trees, with birds, with rivers: you can speak with all of them, and you will see how you can get love from everything. So I spoke with this tree, and she responded. She said, “I am also happy. I want to give you my oranges, please take them.” I took one and again I kissed her. I could understand how she was feeling; I could understand her language.
What was the trick? It was only love. See everything with eyes full of love. If you look at anybody with that love I do not think that they can be angry with you. Sometimes anger may visit you. When the hotel is full, no rooms, no accommodation available, no one will go there. In the same way, if your house is full of love all these other tourists as anger, lust and greed will see that the house is already full and they will not come inside; they will go away and look for some other lodging house. If the doors are open to greed, lust and anger they will enter immediately; they will not wait for the check-in time.
If you love people who will not return love to you?”

“Here and now, if we do not make any effort, if we do not activate a single thought, if we do not even allow the thought ‘I’, if we do not hold to the concept of time, if we do not postpone anything to the next moment, to the next breath, this is going to reveal itself. Here and now means out of time all together. This has nothing to do with any meditation or any process. We have tried endlessly through numberless incarnations and we have not been able to complete it. This time let us decide to return home. We have been different waves, different name and form; but if name and form does not arise where is the wave? We are the ocean, existence, consciousness and bliss. We have come here to realize this without any effort. We have tried every kind of effort, we have been advised in our different backgrounds to “do this” or “do that.” Now, here, for the first time you do not have to do anything. Simply sit quiet for one moment in time. That is all that is required to realize existence, consciousness and bliss.” Papaji

“Your past only exists because you think about it.
Your fears, your frustrations, only exist because you think about them.
Where would they come from if you didn’t think about them,
if you didn’t bring them into play in the present?
Where would they come from?
How would they be there?
You are the cause of all of your problems.
Ponder this.”
Robert Adams

Jul 29
“Surrender is to surrender your concept of separateness, your ego.
You must surrender like a river discharging into the Ocean.
Surrender is to discharge your river of separateness
into the ocean of Being, losing your limitations,
and allowing to happen what happens.
You cannot find and kill the mind, it is the ten headed demon.
Chop off a head and another will grow back because
“I am bound” and “I am free” is exactly the same trap.
so only the desire for freedom will help you
because you are what you think.
Think to destroy the mind and mind is a destroyer, not destroyed.
Think of Freedom and you become Freedom.
As persistent as the pain of a toothache, always think of Self,
because if the desire for Freedom is continuous
then all other habits and distractions will drop away.”

“No force can stop you from being what you are.
In the midst of the most challenging difficulties, right there is where and when you must find and be the stilled presence.
As you cannot win a fight after it is over, know, the Self as the constant reality underlying all states of mind and being.
Take courage.
There is no failures for the Self.”

“The green in every tree
is you.
The beauty of every garden
is you.
My wealth, my work, my master
is you.
Solitude, purity, pretense
is you.
There is no reality
but you.”

Jul 28
“Surrender is not weakness. There is great strength in it. Only a surrendered person has spiritual power. Through surrender, you will be free internally of the situation.” Eckhart Tolle (via thecalminside)

(via panatmansam)

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