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Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean,
is the moment the wave realizes
it is water.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Sep 14

xobunnixo said: try it, it works. you have to conciously keep choosing this mindset though. bc ur natural feelings will want to worry and u have to stop and think and remind urself to not worry, let go = let God. its harder than it sounds but u can do it

Non of what is posted here should be taken as any kind of prescription, but rather as an invitation to look for yourself.

aanwazig said: “The power that takes care of that knows how to take care of you. Don’t you see, there isn’t anything you have to do to help. In other words, God doesn’t need your help. All you have to so is to take a deep breath and say: ‘Take it God. I’m all finished with it. I will never worry again. I will never be upset over anything again’.”Robert Adams Is it really that simple?

I don’t know! Is it?

in-a-wonderland-they-lie said: Really great quotes you're posting today, thank you :)


“Awakening is aliveness.
It’s a love affair with aliveness.
It’s about dropping the idea that anybody has a life and realising that all there is is life.
You do not have a life - you are life, and in life ego, desire, hatred, love all happen. And I am the one in which that happens. And so are you.”
Tony Parsons

“When I speak about quietness - when I tell you to keep quiet - it is not easy for everyone to follow. Most people here are from different backgrounds, practices, sadhanas; and therefore feel they need to do something, to put something into practice. When I say, “Keep quiet.” it is not a practice. There is nothing to be done and nothing to be undone. This cannot be followed. There is nothing to think about, no need to make any kind of effort. This is an indication of the quietness I am speaking about. Truth always exists. Existence alone is. It is called satyam.
We speak about enlightenment, but first we have created bondage. Bondage does not exist. How can you remove that which does not exist? First, teachers impose a concept of bondage and then various practices are prescribed. There may be millions of books in the world, thousands more are published every day. Nowhere does it say, “Be quiet”. When you simply say “Keep quiet,” what is the rest of the book to be about?
There is no ignorance at all; there is only existence - there is only satyam. If you simply keep quiet you will know that only this exists. Before the sun rises early in the morning it does not first try to remove the darkness of the night. The sun does not say, “Let me brush away the darkness and only then, in the daytime, I will rise.” For the sun there is no light, there is no darkness to be removed. The sun does not even know that such a thing as night exists. What practice is needed to remove darkness, where is this darkness? All practices imply the reality of darkness, of ignorance, when in fact they do not exist. The river in the sand is a mirage; it does not exist, it never existed. If you go closer and closer the sand not even is wet; it is only a belief that makes us run after a mirage, nothing else. There is only satyam; there is only Truth. What need is there of practice? It is only practice which is concealing the truth.
You have been given a concept by most of the teachers that there is darkness, and that you have to spend your whole life clearing this darkness. No one speaks about light; everyone is trying to remove darkness and ignorance when it does not really exist.
First of all, look for yourself! Has anyone seen any ignorance? Sometimes when people who come to see me come closer to keeping quiet they say, “I do not understand.” What is there to understand? Simply keep quiet - this is what you really are. How can there be any doubt? In keeping quiet you discover what you really are.
Through spiritual practices you overlook the one who is causing this to happen. Who is involving your limbs in the practice, your intellect in the practice? Who is causing your mind to be involved in trying to get understanding? If the one causing activity is not there you cannot conduct any practice. This is why I tell you to simply keep quiet. Then you will know what you truly are and what you have always been, and this is indestructible. All else will be destroyed, only Existence itself remains. The Truth will always remain - it Is - it is eternal. That which is not this truth does not exist at all.
You have two choices: Either you follow most teachers and spend your life trying to remove or clean out the mind. First you will have to find out if the mind exists. No one has seen the mind. Even if you found it, how do you propose to clean it? Everyone is practicing cleaning the mind but there is no one so far who has cleaned it. Where is this mind to be cleaned?
The second choice is to keep quiet and you will know who really you are. This is very simple. It is not going to take you time; in fact time does not appear. There is nothing outside that can help you, you have just to keep quiet - that’s all - and you will know then you are eternal. You are Eternal Existence itself.”

Looking back, there was great intelligence in my 20+ years of depression. There was actually grace inherent in life bringing me to my knees. (Sometimes life brings you to your knees so you can finally be present to your own knees!). There was healing there, right at the very core of my loss of interest in going to work or seeing friends, my abandonment of all hope for the future, my total disillusionment in external, second-hand meaning, my nausea at all things ‘spiritual’. Even my lack of interest in getting out of bed held wonders.

Through my depression, life was stripping me of all my illusions, all distractions, everything that was not real, forcing me to stay so, so close to myself, making me remember what remains after everything external is stripped away. Depression forced me to remember my own presence, essential and free, a miracle, bursting with life. My own presence, yes! - so simple, yet so overlooked, had always been here, closer than breathing, more undoubtable than doubt! My own simple presence - the presence of life itself - was the gift, the Source, what I had always longed for.

The whole search had been inverted, since a ‘self’ can never find what it seeks as long as it seeks it. The false ‘self’ needed to fail in its search for presence to be revealed as the ground and essence of all things. The wave cannot find the ocean - it can only be it.


And that is the greatest miracle of all.

Sometimes that’s where you have to begin, at the very beginning. You have to get back to the origin of life, the place prior to even the “I Am”, the raw Unnameable. Depression was the ultimate failure of the ‘me’, and its eventual surrender. It was a spiritual reboot, an awakening, for sure.

My longing to die had secretly been my longing to live, to break open my fragile heart to a sacred universe, to touch my own power.

I know this is not a common, or even popular view of depression: that it contains intelligence, and powerful medicine, so very needed in our weary world. So let’s begin a new conversation. Honouring the medical model of depression, but going infinitely deeper. Never turning away from life’s whispers.

With love from yourself,

Jeff Foster

“The meditator does not meditate. The image of the meditator (‘the one who meditates’) appears and disappears in meditation.” Jeff Foster

Let people go through what they have to go through in the present moment! They are tired and they want to rest. They are exhausted from the fight, from the pretence and the lies, from having to hold everything in and hold everything together and hold everything up, and great waves of energy are now being released throughout their body.
Stay present with them. Waves of sorrow, hopelessness, fear, shame and guilt are surging now. Let the energies rise up, let their whole body vibrate and shake and quake if it must, let them wail, scream, roar, laugh, cry, shit themselves if they have to. Offer them nothing but the greatest gift of all: your fearless presence. Stay with them through each breath, each motion, in every moment. Hold their hand, but don’t try to fix them, change them, stop them experiencing what they are experiencing, or give them premature answers.
If you become uncomfortable, or feel like you want to rush in and ‘heal’ them, or ‘save’ them, or ‘fix’ them, or prevent them from feeling what they are feeling, or make everything ‘okay’ for them, own that – it’s your need, your discomfort, your fear, not theirs. Do not treat them like a victim or an invalid. Do not confuse them with who you think they are. Honour the power that moves in them; validate their experience totally. Trust the unpredictable intelligence of healing, and know that their ‘symptoms’ may get worse before they get better; energy may become more intense before it dies down. What appears now as chaos and disintegration may in fact be necessary release and intelligent reorganisation of a blocked system.
Sometimes our hearts need to break wide open so we are able to hold more life, more powerful love. Let your warm presence remind your friend of their own warm presence, so stable, so fearless, so free, so deeply rooted, grounded, here. Know that who they truly are cannot be broken, not by even the most intense energies, and cannot be fixed, and life never makes mistakes even when life seems like a mistake.
Love is all that matters. The rain falls, stars explode in silence somewhere out in the vastness of space, and here on this tiny planet someone called Earth, sometimes we meet and hold each other.”
Jeff Foster

“If you don’t react to conditioning,
then you are always in the silence.
Sitting in the silence is magic.
This is when things begin to happen, wonderful things,
peace, happiness and joy come to you.
When you sit in the silence, you remember who you are.
We come to see we are all one self.
We are not separate, we are one self.
We are all the One Self.”
Robert Adams

“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” Buddha

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